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Since 1962, Wings of Hope delivers Humanitarian programs to the impoverished, to achieve a more peaceful world. They do whatever is needed, from guidance on requested subjects/services to providing and managing tangible resources designed to enable the poor and needy, or any marginalized citizens, to become active and productive participants in their societies.

They implement their efforts on the front lines of poverty, domestically or internationally, maximizing the impact of Donors’ funds.

The St. Louis based Medical Relief and Air Transport (MAT) Program works throughout the Midwestern USA by connecting seriously ill and disabled individuals (85% children) – with no access to advanced medical care – to state-of-the-art treatment they need to improve their lives. Their staff locates treatment, arranges for services, acts as the patient advocate, and even supplies free Air Ambulance service to/from wherever this life-saving care is located throughout the Midwest or beyond.

CFKThe MAT service is the only one of its kind in the USA and is based in Chesterfield, MO – a suburb of  St. Louis. The MAT service is partially funded by the Champions For Kids Program through corporate partners like The International Companies.

All of the MAT Program services are free of charge and provided for as long as needed. One phone call is all it takes. There is no qualification process because they consider it enough when a member of our fellow man asks for help. Then they go to work. Their philosophy is simple – Just tell us what you need and we do whatever it takes to help!

So, no matter how complex the problem, no matter what the need is – they’ll do their absolute best to solve the situation. They are HONORED to assist. They have relationships with every medical facility in the USA and know how to get things done!

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