International Food Products Corporation

International Food Products Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor of quality ingredients and custom formulations for the food and beverage industries.  In everything we do, we put our customers first.  We provide highly responsive and exceptional service and share market and technical expertise to make our customers’ jobs easier.

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International Ingredient Corporation

To meet the nutritional and environmental needs of our changing world, IIC manufactures and markets specialty ingredients for the animal feed and pet food industries made from food industry by-products.  We create value for our feed and food industry partners through research-proven products, processing solutions, and comprehensive services.

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Green Field Solutions

As the world’s leading sustainable nutrition company, Green Field Solutions is the premier partner that’s passionately committed to helping food and feed companies improve the global food source and our plant. At our core is our passion for meeting the needs of our clients, partners, and customers while making the most out of excess food resources.

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TSL Transport Inc.

TSL Transportation Inc. continues to be a service provider that prides itself on being easy to do business with. Every employee is trained to pay close attention to detail and be proactive to ensure that the process runs smoothly. We are committed to providing customers with top quality service at affordable prices. All of our employees are interested in creating long-term relationships that are mutually successful and beneficial.

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International Transport Inc.

International Transport Inc. is a private carrier committed to hauling freight! The staff of 9 highly qualified professional drivers has over 200 years of combined driving experience; and as employees of International Transport Inc, a combined total of 95 years.  All drivers can take pride in their outstanding safety records and all have above-average knowledge of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.  As professionals, International Transport Inc. drivers have an exceptional on-time delivery and pickup ratio, and they accomplish this without jeopardizing hours-of-service regulations.

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